Delta 54


Project Information

Client: Delta 54
Project: Furniture Rebrand
Year: 2018

Throughout history, trends in furniture design have evolved alongside societies, the materials they had access to, and advancements in technology. Delta 54 took it to heart to make furniture as movable and flexible as possible while keeping its elegance combining logistics and technology in a progressive way.
Leveraging their smart positioning, combining the two worlds of elegant design and flexibility, Delta 54 has set itself up for success.
Computer on Desk
Couch in living room
Phone with bedroom page open
Phone with kitchen page open
Computer with delta 54 website
computer with delta 54 website
boxes mockup
boxes mockup
boxes mockup
Rose Gold Elixir Dropper Closeup
Rose Gold Elixir & Unicorn Essence spill
Liquid Glass Bottles