Farsali dropper closeup

Project Information

Client: Farsali LLC
Project: Boundless Beauty
Year: 2020


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Application
Creative Direction

Skincare is very personal to each and every one of us. We all have a different relationship with our body and how we care for it. Farsali combined the two aspects of skincare and makeup, making a product that would not only care for your skin but also bring an element of makeup that would help to achieve a natural, glowing look.


Since its founding, Farsali has pioneered a land of hybrid skincare. Their vision was a seed planted in the vast new expanse of the internet, germinating an entirely new category, opening up a world that ushered in an assortment of platforms and, in turn, cultures.

Evolving Farsali has been about taking the most powerful, meaningful qualities of their brand and delivering them in a new way; to expand the story, the language, and the capabilities to be of better service to people who are confident and eager to live in more intentional ways.

‍Combining the two worlds of natural, soothing ingredients with enhancing makeup is really a love story of bridging the gap of something we separated for centuries. It is a truly innovative approach to how we see makeup.‍

Young model applying Farsali skincare
Packaging mockup
Hand holding Farsali dropper
Hand holding Farsali dropper
Instagram mockup of Farsali feed
Ingredient photography
Farsali tissue paper & stickers mockup
Farsali brand book mockup
Rose Gold Elixir Dropper Closeup
Rose Gold Elixir & Unicorn Essence spill
Liquid Glass Bottles