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Project Information

Client: Gelb GmbH
Project:  A breeze
Year: 2019


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Application

Scheduling is one of the more complex tasks of our day-to-day life. Aligning our plans with those of others, potentially a group of people seems almost impossible. Gelb set out to bring more flexibility to your life while heavily supporting local small businesses. Their new way of flexible scheduling allows you to move appointments quickly and easily, and also allows smaller businesses to keep their schedule full. The secret is in on-demand booking and complex software.

Booking an appointment used to be a rigid process with little flexibility and lots of no-shows. With all the technology on hand, figuring out a more flexible way of organizing was just a matter of time.


Appointments can be very complex, multiple possibilities have to all fall into place for everything to work out smoothly. Gelb's vision was to bring the old, fragile and complex scheduling calendars to life and make them flexible wherever possible. Building a hybrid of on-demand requests as well as long-term appointments was crucial as everyone has their own way of planning.

Evolving the way we schedule but also the way we think about appointments.


To find the answer we had to look at the big picture — Gelb's software essentially enabled smaller businesses to operate much more efficiently while making it more convenient for their customers. And those who were more flexible could get appointments within minutes, hours, or days instead of weeks or months.

We created an identity system that was inviting and flexible. It allowed the user to use the application however they intend to use it, from the long-term to last-minute. We developed a brand that would not overshadow its community but rather let the community become the brand.

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