Project Information

Client: GmbH
Project: Hive
Year: 2020


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Product Design

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the noise of voices and opinions online, and it is impossible to decide what information from whom you can really trust. Accountability has become a real issue on the web, as there are almost no repercussions to spreading false or misleading information. has decided to shed some light into the dark by mapping various groups and relationships online. It is similar to how Google determines which websites you can trust, but for humans.


Since it's founding, has pioneered a land of algorithmic attestation. Their vision is to build tools that will help us to make more informed decisions.

This is still new territory and there are lots of anxiety and privacy concerns surrounding this topic. It is hard to believe that is able to create these clusters just with public information. ‍


Our answer emerged directly from our strategic platform — had to take itself out of the equation and let its users use their tools as they wanted to. It was the only way to ensure is not dictating whom to trust but lets every individual make a more informed decision the way they like to.

We created a visual system to accurately reflect the soul of the brand, and extended that across all touchpoints — from the product to communications, to environments, to a full-scale digital ecosystem.

We developed a consistent brand architecture and transformed the conceptual orientation of the organization from a technology platform to a community, optimizing the use cases every step of their journey.

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