Leo Schwarz

Hi, I’m Leo Schwarz. German Canadian Designer and Strategist living in Toronto.

Bridging the worlds of strategy and design.

Some of the clients:




Seamless Chex


My drive lies in creating work that is both meaningful and impactful, whether I'm working on brand strategy, brand identity, or collaborating on design projects.

When it comes to creative problem-solving, I believe that having an open mind and a willingness to learn is key. It's important to approach each project with a fresh perspective and a genuine curiosity about the subject matter. As a considerate listener, I understand that everyone has their own unique perspective and valuable insights to bring to the table. By taking the time to truly listen to others and consider their opinions, we can come up with more well-rounded solutions that truly address the needs of everyone involved.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

UI/UX Design

Graphic Design

Love Notes

"Leo is awesome. Delivered everything above and beyond. Has a fantastic design eye. Will absolutely hire him again."

Aaron Hanson

Founder, MiniMCM

"Leo was able to put into words and visuals our vision for our brand and the result were beyond our expectations. Leo is very knowledgeable, took the time to fully understand our needs, is very communicative and he has a great eye for design and brand strategy. He was able to meet our tight deadline. Highly recommended!"

Philipe Paquette


"Leo was great to work with! He asks great questions to make sure he understands the project, communicates throughout to make sure everything is tracking properly and is very responsive. He did a great job on my project and look forward to working together in the future."

Jordan Minuk

Marketing Manager, Rosner International

"Leo is fantastic! I'd work with him again in a heartbeat. Absolutely knocked our re-brand out of the park."

Jamey Pritchard

Marketing Manager, Phin Security

"Through working with Leo, I have identified my brand and business strategy in a niche market that has little educational material on it. He has used universal principles to help me develop a system that has increased my net profit by 100% in my first month. I'm not kidding when I say he is worth every penny I have spent. I have learned valuable skills that will translate to every business I ever decide to open as well. Thank You Leo."

Scotty Richards


"Working With Leo is an amazing experience. His professionalism and and skills are incredible. We were more then please with the quality of is work. I would recommend him to anyone."

Eric Tremblay

Founder, NodeWorks

"Leo Delivered what was agreed on in a timely manner."

Sofia Abdelkafi

Health & Wellness Consultant, Manutrioniste

"Leo was able to complete this project in a very timely manner. He was great at communicating with and provided quick responses. He followed all of the project requirements perfectly and I will definitely be contacting him in the future for any other projects."

Baylor Randolph

Marketing Production Coordinator, Bitwarden

"Leo took our brand guidelines and created work that fit our identity and was very creative! He is organized, communicative, and able to be creative within the boundaries we gave him. Good job!"

Mackenzie Johnson

Brand Marketing Manager, Haroutine

"The project changed scope at the last minute and Leo did a great job of adapting and executing at a high level. He's very creative and great at talking the clients vision and putting it to paper."

Mackenzie Johnson

Brand Marketing Manager, Haroutine

"Excellent working with Leo on this unique project that showcased his skills in brand design, design thinking, and project management. A pleasure to work and communicate with, certainly will be doing more work together!"

Ameet Kallarackal

CEO & Co-Founder, Fisherman

"Leo is professional, punctual and super creative. When the project changed he was able to roll with it and give us something beautiful."

Mackenzie Johnson

Marketing Brand Manager

"Leo is an excellent brand strategist. He is professional but most importantly honest and transparent. Highly recommend!!"

Gil Ebra


"Leo provided a comprehensive analysis and guidance on how to brand my clothing brand startup. He is very knowledgable in branding strategy industry. I look forward to working with Leo on my future projects."

Roqueeb Ozugha


"My experience with Leo was great, not only is he talented but he seeks to understand the needs of the business and it shows in the design. He leads with a systematic approach and has attention to detail which allowed him to produce quality work very quickly.If you are looking for high-quality work, someone to move quickly and efficiently, and can articulate why they did what they did I would recommend talking to Leo!"

Trent Jackson

CEO, Pureformance

"Leo is an expert in graphic design and strategy. He has a wide range of experience and a deep understanding of the field, allowing him to create innovative and unique designs that perfectly reflect what his clients want to communicate. Furthermore, Leo is highly flexible and quickly adapts to changes. His passion and drive make him an exceptional designer who knows how to turn ideas into reality."

Charles Delamarre

Marketing Director, Aneyro

"Leo does a great job communicating, he is efficient, and does good quality work. I would recommend him to anyone and even though this project is over I will continue to hire him for future projects because of the great experience I have had so far working with him."

Baylor Randolph

Marketing Production Coordinator

"Leo is an excellent designer and brand strategist. He did amazing work for us. He understood our brief very well, he came back to us with inspired ideas, and he was able to help us get our brand identity more defined. A great guy too."

Brad Monaghan

Founder & Managing Director

"Leo did a great job meeting all of the project requirements in a timely fashion and was great to work with. He is good at communicating and is quick to implement feedback. I would definitely recommend Leo and work with him again!"

Baylor Randolph

Marketing Production Coordinator

"Leo was incredibly easy to work with, and he always responded promptly to any questions or concerns I had. Leo has fast turnaround times. I was amazed at how quickly he was able to turn around high-quality work, all while maintaining a high level of attention to detail. He was also able to implement feedback effectively. Overall, I would highly recommend Leo for skilled and reliable work. He exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future."

Baylor Randolph

Marketing Production Coordinator

"Leo does great work, he is prompt, creative and passionate about what he does! This is my third or fourth project with him and every time he gives the same level of commitment and care."

Mackenzie Johnson

Brand Marketing Manager

"Swift responses, great turnaround, and amazing product delivery! YES TO ALL"

Carlen Colmenares

Artist Manager

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